Ole Mister Copperhead
Dedicated to my wife after her bout with a Copperhead
One day, ole Mister Copperhead
Slithered too far from his nest.
He wiggled up to our front step,
Curled up there to take a rest.
Oh, he thought himself as clever,
So cunning, crafty and sly;
He hissed, then kissed my lady--
made my helpless woman cry.
But he should have made a u-squirm,
Crawled quickly back to his hole;
For now his kids are fatherless,
And he's deader than a pole.
In the end he got true justice,
His subtle actions sealed his fate;
For when he bit my dear sweet wife,
He ended up as Buzzard’s bait.
There’s a moral to this story,
If this same path one dares to tread;
Best slither on lest you end up,
Just like Ole Mister Copperhead.

Written by Loyd Taylor, October 4, 2010

Author's note: See the short story "I Thought I Would Die!"

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