A Christmas Poem

Once in a stable, 
Because they found no room. 
Once as crucified, 
Once in a borrowed tomb. 

Once as resurrected, 
Once ascending in the clouds. 
Once as Lord of lords, 
Before Him all shall bow! 

Once He came, so long ago, 
A babe in Bethlehem. 
Once he lived in a robe of flesh 
The one called Son of Man. 

Once in a humble manger, 
Once as a lowly child. 
Once as a servant, so faithful, 
Humble, meek and mild. 

Once He fulfilled His father's will, 
Sinless on this earth. 
Once He died for lost sinners, 
Giving sinners new birth. 

Once and throughout all eternity, 
His glory to be proclaimed! 
Once he will return King of kings, 
Forever He shall reign! 

Written by Loyd C Taylor

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