“Where did grandma go and why haven’t we

seen or heard from her in such a long time?

I remember how sweet and kind she was and

how we would play together. But, one day she

just left and I don’t know what has become of

her. I wish if she loved me she would at least

write, or call. But, I never ever hear from her

anymore. I wonder if she still loves me. Maybe

she is famous now and too busy for me? What

if something bad happened in the dark night?”


“It’s a terrible way to go, and I always hate to

see such human waste. Those marks on her

body reveal that she may be better off dead.

Why do people want to destroy their life like

this? It didn’t have to be this way, for she had

resources and a support system. Why she chose

this way, beats me! Better turn her body over

to the city morgue since we can’t locate family

members. Had she stayed clean, who knows,

she might have been spared this awful plight.”


“We are gathered here today to celebrate the

life of our dear departed sister. Now in paying

our last respects, we would like to acknowledge

the contributions she made to those around her.

It is no doubt she will be deeply missed by the

many who knew her best. We know that she

was a wife, a mother and grandmother, but

their whereabouts are unknown. Now may God

grant rest to this weary soul and allow her

entrance as she ascends in heavenly flight.”


 “My child, my child; how often I tried to speak

to you and to pry my way into your life, but

instead, you refused to let me in. Daily I sent

my servants into your path to implore you to

turn… to turn to me before it was too late. Oh

my child, your life was to be full and rich…

you were to enrich others. Yet you took the

precious life I gave you into your own hands

and wasted it. Now, standing here before me

sadly I say, depart forever from my sight.”


Written by Loyd Taylor, June 2009

Author Notes
While attending a funeral service of a person that no one hardly knew, I wondered as the minister spoke; how it was with this lady in real life, and what about in the after life. These are just some personal thoughts; maybe you have often thought the same.
Only One Life
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