As two groundhogs were talking... 
Punxsutawney Phil, yes that's his name, 
Predicting the weather is his game; 
Phil knows how to call it, so rest your fears, 
He's done it for a hundred n' twenty years. 

They say that he's a loner, maybe a snob, 
He hails from a place called "Gobbler's Knob;" 
He lives in a cave, and will never roam, 
Except when he travels in his motor home. 

All over the world, he's one of a kind, 
Though imitators are never hard to find; 
Punxsutawney's also a real heart breaker, 
For the girls all love a weather maker. 

He's quite a celebrity, you might say, 
Even has his own "Punxsutawney Day;" 
He has a web site and fan club too, 
Personal trainers, and a make-up crew. 

He's had his breaks with TV and radio, 
Even made an appearance on Oprah's show; 
Yearly his town has a parade in his name, 
Seems for Phil, there's no end to his fame. 

He made his first forecast, or so they say, 
In 1887, February's second day. 
You might wonder, how Phil could live so long, 
He drinks "elixir of life" and takes it strong. 

He speaks a strange language, but only to the ear, 
Of the "Circle" president, who's standing near; 
He predicts the weather, that six weeks will bring, 
Guiding us from the winter, up to spring. 

He uses his shadow, that's how he knows, 
Keeping us posted on upcoming snows; 
He's 100 percent accurate, as records reveal, 
Punxsutawney Phil, now he's the real deal! 

So, if you plan to travel, through Pennsylvania land, 
Why not visit this legend, and shake his hand? 
But before you complete your travel log, 
Check with Punxsutawney Phil, the weather groundhog. 


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