What will it be like, to see her again? Will she accept me? Will we ever be a family again?

I wonder… how will it feel, to hold that little one to my breast? How will she smell? How will I react when my fingers touch that soft silky skin?

What emotions will be revealed in my face and eyes, as I am reunited with my own flesh and blood again? Will she forgive my sin?

I ponder...

What steps must I take?

What bridge must be crossed?

What fear must be conquered?

What pride must be killed?

What words must be said?

My resolve...

I will put pride to death!

I will beg for forgiveness!

I will commit to be different!

I will ask for a second chance!

I will promise to be faithful!

I will pray and I will pray!


I will cry and hold them tight,

I will kiss them and laugh out loud,

I will allow my heart to be at peace,

I will enter the land of the living again,

I will enjoy life once more…

Then, then I will experience joy!

Written by Loyd Taylor

Dedicated to D. Lynn, Julie, Jada and Joseph, April 9, 2009 

The photo above is so very special for the reason that the grandmother in the photo had never seen her granddaughter. 

The family had been divided and so much hatred was in their hearts, that the mom and daughter had words and departed. They had never been separated before until that sad time. Until just recently, they were two states away. 

Thank God, that through a miraculous set of circumstances, I had the privilege of helping them reunite and ask each other's forgiveness. 
The photo is of the grandmother who is holding the baby for the first time. It was a wonderful time of sweet tears and joy. 

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