Sarah's Surprise!

The status quo don’t have a clue,

Befuddled, they’re just scratching their heads;

They never thought this could happen,

In places where only men dare to tread!

Politicians are in a query,

She just doesn’t fit their “ole-boys” mold;

She’s beautiful, clever and oh so dainty,

Challenging the ranks of old.

You can bet she’s wise to their tactics,

So no matter how hard they might try;

There won’t be enough mud to mar her,

Or cause her to blink those sparkly eyes.

A brave soul who knows how to govern,

With strong, able and unerring hands;

She’s a loving mom with five children,

And still in love with the same man.

She cooks homemade Alaskan cookies,

And grills burgers from fresh Moose-meat;

She uses no chauffeur, but hunts n’ fishes,

In her a true hockey-mom’s heart beats.

She always wears perfume and lipstick,

So there’s no mistaken identity;

Just in case her and a pit-bull,

Show up in the same vicinity.

She took everyone by surprise,

By accepting the nomination;

To stand beside Senator McCain,

As they pledged to lead our great nation.

Common folk love and respect her,

And think she’s the real deal;

And smirk at her enemy’s charges,

As they hypocritically squeal.

It’s true; we have many good people,

But they “Palin” when them we compare

To Sarah, the fierce barracuda,

The whiney liberal’s worst nightmare.


Written by Loyd C Taylor, September 2008
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