Near a pond one spring morn, Sir Cricket came to sing and dance.
When looking around he noticed an attractive cricket’s glance.
Though anxious to leave he found himself thus drawn to this face,
And wondered if true love had fallen to him in this place.

So he crooned his very best love songs, as he danced all around,
Charming and dazzling this image by his unique musical sound.
As he made his way nearer, his new friend moved the same way,
So he kept in time by tapping his toes while letting his body sway.

Sir Cricket seemed so delighted, as romantically he did swoon,
He knew with his throat getting sore he must act real soon.
Joyfully, he smiled and flirted as darkness pushed away daylight,
Soon the sun hid its face as the pond reflected the moon bright.

Tired and out of love songs, a pooped creature gave up romance,
When Sir Cricket packed up fiddle and left, then so did his glance.
Written by Loyd C Taylor, June 23, 2008
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