A Bluegrass Christmas
God Made It All performed by Loyd Taylor
God Made It All performed by Edith Ragan
Gods Will
Family Bible
He's Still Working On Me
His Name is Jesus
I Dream of a Land by Loyd C. Taylor Original version
I Dream of a Land by Scotty L. Taylor Bluegrass style
I'm Yours
It's Christmas
It's Such a Beautiful Day
I Want to Thank Jesus
I'm So Glad It's Christmas
Jesus Christ Was Born In Bethlehem
Just An Old Shoebox
Laughter's Like a Medicine 
Little David
Love Reached Down-Sinner Saved By Grace 
Let Go and Let God by Cayce Taylor
Let Go and Let God by Loyd C Taylor 
Let Go and Let God by Paramount Quartet
Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord_Loyd Taylor
Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord_Bluegrass style
Mom's Apron
Mr. Banjo Man
My Shepherd
No Gospel Blues
Ode to a Thief
O' What a Savior
Oceans of Love_Kisses of the Wind
Preacher Man
Reach Out
That I Might Still Go Free 
The Ballad of BIG JOE
The Burglar and Ole' Maid 
The Gift by Karrterisa Taylor Turner
The Gift by Loyd C. Taylor
The Good Ole' Days
The Musical Message of Christmas
The Revival Song_Bluegrass
The Revival Song_original
Too Wonderful
Twelve Christmas Angels
Try Jesus
Wally the Worm   
What'll We Do About Us? Cayce and Loyd Taylor
What Shall I Give to a King?
When Daddy Prayed 
Why Are You Crying? By Loyd Taylor
Why Are You Crying? By Cayce Taylor
Wintertime Memories
You Can Wish For Snow For Christmas
You Promised performed by Paramount Quartet
You Promised performed by Chad Muncy
You Promised performed by Loyd C. Taylor original
You Promised performed by Scotty L. Taylor
What'll We Do About Us_LC and Cayce

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