Although I am made of stuffing and straw 
And sit motionless in sun and rain; 
Although I cannot speak a word and 
Will eventually deteriorate; still I live. 

Although I have rags for clothes, and 
Wear a sewn on smile and nose; 
Although I have cornhusks for my limbs 
And buttons for my eyes, still I live. 

I know you look at me and laughingly say, 
"Why, you're just a silly decoration." 

But you are wrong, I am so much more 
Than just a silly scarecrow; 
For I live in memories and imagination. 
Although I may sit motionless, still I live. 

I bring warm smiles, adding color to life. 
I capture little boys' and girls' attention. 
I help neighbors strike up conversation. 
Although I have a straw heart, still I live. 
Straw Heart
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