Tablets in the Sand

I walked down into the ocean,
The threatening waves were all gone.
I strolled by this massive rock,
Standing firmly and all alone.

Then words of my life came freely
Flowing down to my writing hand,
On the shore I knelt to write them
As if on tablets in the sand.

Next I stood up to consider 
Just what my life’s words had to say;
When suddenly the tide rushed in,
Quickly washing them all away!

On that day I learned a lesson,
After watching this all unfold;
It was a story of my life 
Of two ways it may be retold.

Did I write on the Solid Rock, 
That stands firm and knows not a fear?
Or on the tablets made of sand 
Where the waves make them disappear?


Written by Loyd C Taylor, 01/12/2014

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