The Card
Tamera and Kat sat near each other,

Talking like two old friends might do;

Two sisters in warm conversation,

So I listened for a moment or two…

“I wonder, since no one has called,

Has my package arrived yet?”

“That’s sweet, how’s she doing?

It’s been years since I saw Juliette.”

“It should have been here by now,

I paid for it weeks ago!”

“Sweetie, how is your mom doing?

Tell her hi, and that I miss her so.”

Daily, they met in this same place,

Exchanging pleasantries and being kind;

But neither knew what the other said,

For an intruder had taken their mind.

I gave them a hug and said goodbye,

With a bitter sweet feeling in my soul;

Then teary eyed, I walked slowly away,

As towards their room I did stroll.

She didn’t even know I had come,

At her picture, I swallowed hard;

I hoped she knew how I loved her,

So, I just left her the Mother’s Day card.

Written by Loyd Taylor, May 09, 2009

Dedicated to all mothers.

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