The Church is...
A refuge of shelter from
the world’s fury and scorn;
a hospital to care for
God’s soldiers, battle worn.

A home of fervent love
midst the hatred and cold;
a fountain of joy, refreshing
the thirsty ones of the fold.

A door of warm welcome
to those rejected in this life;
a tranquil spot to flee from
all bitterness and strife.

A reservoir of truth,
to extoll the Light;
a beacon of hope
expelling the night.

A house of worship
for the faithful who attend;
a rescue mission
helping sinners amend.

A closet of prayer
for seekers of His grace;
a sanctuary of repose,
Communion and solace.

A school to learn of Jesus,
the One who paid for our sin;
a platform to exalt Him
as Lord and Savior of all men!

Written by Loyd Taylor
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