He never met a stranger;
From his life, kind deeds did flow.
His smile revealed tenderness ...
The dad I didn’t know.

He always loved my mother,
In her words, I found it so.
His friends thought so much of him... 
The dad I didn’t know.

He abruptly died one morning,
From a heart that just let go;
His children felt cheated of ...
The dad they didn’t know.

He gave so much to others
Many people told me so;
Pictures are all I have of...
The dad I didn't know.

* * *

O’ God, may I love my kids,
In my time down here below,
Like the love I so wanted from
The dad I didn’t know.

Written by Loyd C Taylor, June 2008

The poem is some thoughts about my father who died when I was very young.
He died one morning and it took us all by surprise. We never had the chance to say goodbye, for an abrupt heart attack took him away. I have often longed for the opportunity to spend just a few minutes with him, but on earth it shall never be. I have allowed this reminder to motivate me to be a better father and make the most of the life God has given me. 

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