Twin fiddles played as the bass kept time;
Guitars and a mandolin joined the chime.
The five string banjo played a lively tune.
The Caller yelled, “You’ll howl at the moon.”
He raised his voice; called loud and clear,
“You stallions and fillies open your ear.
Go grab your partners, now to your places,
Like hitchin’ horses up to their traces.”
Larry snatched Kate and away they went;
Marge sashayed over and she took Kent.
Lulu and Franklin, and one couple more
Promenaded on the dance hall floor.
I sat and watched them engage in fun—
Around they danced with everyone.
With: ‘Right-Hands Across’ or ‘Ocean Wave’
The "Chase the Rabbit" seemed to be the rave.
‘Lady Round the Lady’, and the ‘Gent Also’
‘Cage the Bird’ as you ‘Do-se-do’."
They danced and laughed into the night;
Not a single one seemed to get uptight.
It had grown late so I had to leave
But what I found out was hard to believe;
I’ll tell you now, and it ain’t no jive:
Not a one was younger than eighty-five.

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