The Fourth of July

During this special time of the year,
The corn is usually knee-high,
The watermelons are juicy
And flags wave proudly in the sky!

Families enjoy fun picnics,
Eating hot dogs and apple pie.
Celebrate our nation’s freedom
On this day, the Fourth of July.

Birds sing and the freedom bells ring;
June bugs dart in joyful flight.
Children wait and anticipate
watching fireworks light up the night.

Faithful gather in thanksgiving,
On their lips a patriotic song.
With joy, they celebrate freedom
In the places where they throng.

The smell of someone’s barbecue
Is carried on a summer breeze.
Hear the crack of the baseball bat,
With crowds cheering him home with ease.

Hey listen, ice cream man’s comin’;
making his way down the street,
Kids stop whatever their doing
With sticky quarters buy their treat.

Women wave, and men tip their hats,
Children play with delightful cheer.
Old folks recline on their porches.
America’s birthday is finally here.

Freedom’s fire has been rekindled;
The waving flag fans the flames high!
People walk a little taller
On this day, the Fourth of July.

Our flags bright colors remind us
Of the great price of being free.
Thank God for the sacrifices
Made to purchase our liberty!

Happy birthday, America!
Salute Ole Glory, raise her high!
Thank God for you, America
On this day, the Fourth of July

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