The Letter

Now, to the question before me,
I shall respond without delay;
As pertaining to the Christ child, 
And the reason for Christmas day.
I suppose they deem me expert,
A good witness of some repute.
So, for that it was requested
That the falsities I dispute.
I lend now my testimony,
It is written from mine own hand;
The gospel truth as I know it,
Of that night in the Holy land.
Consider now Isaiah’s words, 
Where he spoke of a special child,
Named Wonderful, the Prince of Peace,
The Mighty God, yet meek and mild.
To be conceived of a virgin,
A sign which would reveal God’s plan; 
Of how so loving the world,
He would give up His Son for man.
And so, that day finally came,
When on earth that pure Child was born,
As His star was brightly shining
Over the manger so forlorn.
Then the angels bore their witness,
Of the precious Christ-child’s birth;
And shouted praises from heaven,
Of glad tidings and peace on earth.
Now, I can’t say that Christ’s birth is
The twenty-fifth of December;
But the real reason for Christmas,
Is His birthday to remember.
So celebrate with your giving,
Spread God’s love, for it’s always right;
But please don’t forget the Savior,
Who was given for all that night.
Now, I must complete this letter,
For there’s plenty for me to do;
So, have a jolly good season,
God bless and Merry Christmas too!
Signed: Saint Nick

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