The LORD has Come

A Christmas Poem

Gladness to the world, the Lord has come;
Let earth now receive her King!
Hope to the needful hearts of all mankind,
And Heaven and natures sing!

Let every heart prepare Him room,
Let hosts of angels proclaim;
The Life of man, the Light of the world,
And Jesus shall be His name!

Joy to the world and peace on earth,
Goodwill to all He doth bring!
His Word is fulfilled, His love He gives,
Let our hearts with rapture sing!

Sing the Lord is come, the Lord is come,
O lift up your mortal voice!
The Lord is come, come for the world,
O’ man, now make Him your choice!

Sing the Lord is come, the Lord is come,
Give to Him your heart today!
The Lord is come, He calls to everyone,
O dear sinners don’t delay!

Written by Loyd Taylor

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