​The New Baby

Now, I was taken by surprise
One day out of the blue
When a friend said to me,
“Man, do I have news for you!”

“What news?” I asked,
Starting to get concerned.
He said, “It sounds unbelievable,
But, here’s what I have learned!

I heard it on the radio
Earlier this very morn;
This local gal had given birth,
And a special child was born.”

“So, what’s the great news
’Bout a woman giving birth?
Shucks, man, happens all the time
All over the planet Earth.”

He said, “The baby’s part animal,
Amazing, but it’s really true!
I swear, man, it’s not a lie,
This thing I’m telling to you!”

“Part animal! Are you sure?
C’mon, surely you do jest!”
But I became a believer,
Once he shared with me the rest.

Smiling with a possum-like grin,
He revealed minute detail . . .
“The babe had a dear little face,
And a bare little tail.”

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