’Tis a very odd tale which sailors tell,
From enchanted Ireland o’er the sea.
The magical abode of leprechauns,
Of mystical visions and fantasy.

It seems one day a fair maiden did walk
Upon the ocean’s white glistenin’ shore;
T’was witnessed by honest seafarin’ men
And passed down from so many years before.

Seems the young maiden was touched with faintness,
Thus making her quite unable to stand.
So she found a tree branch lying nearby;
For a prop she held it tight in her hand.

Discovering a large bowl-shaped seashell,
A nice pillow for her head she then used;
Then laid her down in a bed of white sand,
While on the mystic blue ocean she mused.

Soon the maiden drifted off to deep sleep,
Then into a vision’s delightful dream;
For angel Gabriel took her far away,
So amazingly real it all did seem.

Floating over green hills and babblin’ brooks,
To an astoundin’ castle on the sea;
Arising from the midst of the water,
A kingdom of crystal glass she did see.

She was lifted above its pearl-white walls,
To a grand courtyard paved with pure white stone.
There Gabriel so gently descended,
Seating her thus on a pearl white throne.

She was handed a diamond-clad scepter,
Then a golden wreath was placed on her head;
A proclamation was made to crown her,
“The Queen of the Sea,” so the edict read.

The palace singers then sang, but strangely,
Soundin’ much like the squawking seagull’s cry.
A brilliant light shone brightly upon her,
As gleamin’ sunlight beamed down from the sky.

A scroll was read: “May the angels smile down,
Along with the sweet prayers of all the saints;
May the Fountain of Love pour on our Queen;
And may she escape life’s bitter complaints!”

Then the trumpeter came and took his place,
Preparin’ jubilantly to play on cue.
The Queen stood as he adjusted his mouth,
Then on the trumpet he mightily blew!

The trumpet seemed clogged for some odd reason,
But from his persistence the clog let go.
But t’wasn’t glorious notes that came forth,
But green seawater a’gushin’ did flow!

Then he swelled his cheeks and blew out his breath,
But the more he pushed the more it did spew,
A’breathin’ in and a’blowin’ back out,
Until the trumpeter’s face turned dark blue.

Water then flooded the crystal throne room,
Until waves soon covered the palace floor.
The maiden jumped up with scepter in hand,
Then she cried loud as the ocean doth roar!

Then waving her scepter at the water,
She commanded while waving her raised hands;
Alas, the water seemed deafened to her,
As it defiantly did spurn her commands!

Then she next took off her beautiful crown,
Which had rested royally on her head,
Raising it up high above the water,
Screamin’ loud, ’til her face turned bloodred!

Shoutin’ at the top of her lungs, “Hear me,
Headstrong Ocean, go back at my command;
For I am Queen of the Sea!” she cried out,
Wavin’ fiercely, with her scepter in hand.

Today, sailors smile, as they tell the tale
Of the maiden on the shore they did see;
With a shell on her head and wavin’ a limb,
And a shoutin’, “I am Queen of the Sea!”

Written by Loyd C Taylor

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