Now you may laugh until you cry, 
At this poetic story-like tale; 
But before I start, I cross my heart, 
That this yarn is true as well. 

I planned to watch the evening news, 
I plopped down, my normal thing; 
When back there on my tender tooshie, 
I felt a burning sting! 

I squeezed my half eaten orange, 
Its juice towards the ceiling did fly; 
My heart beat like a thumping drum, 
Lord knows, I thought I would die! 

So I hurried to the bedroom, 
My shifty wife moved fast; 
Quickly pulled my spandex down, 
This sting of me would be his last! 

He fluttered and buzzed in circles, 
As if making sport of me; 
But before I could dish out his due, 
I swear he died from glee. 


Written by Loyd Taylor, May 2009

Author Notes: Embarrassing, this is based on a true story. 
This poem is entered in "The words are the same contest" The words we are required to use are: (laugh, cry, sting, fly, orange, heart, beat, shifty, bear, poetic).  I hope you enjoy, Loyd 

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