A Christmas Poem

The Son appeared to men of old,
Such a wonder they did see;
But wonder of all wonders,
Was that Jesus was born for me!

Born there in a humble stable, 
And to such a sin cursed earth; 
To bring hope to all mankind,
And salvation through his birth.

He came down from heaven's glory, 
Not to mansions rich or fair;
But to a lowly virgin, 
Sins heavy burden he would bare.

He left his glorious palace,
Was robed in humanity;
To give his life upon the cross,
And this he did for you and me.

He increased in grace and wisdom,
As he took the form of man;
He went about doing good,
Working miracles by his hands!

Yes He healed the broken hearted,
And he set the captives free; 
He calmed the raging waters,
And yes, He made the demons flee.

And He fed the hungry thousands,
Yes, He made the blind to see;
But wonder of all wonders,
Was that Jesus was born for me.

Often loving people may speak,
Of their love and care for me;
But the Son of God proved his love,
The day He died on Calvary.

Yes, the wonder of all wonders,
For the entire world to see; 
The wonder of all wonders, 
Jesus was born to die for me!

Written by Loyd Taylor

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