Doing versus Thinking

You may say you care, that you don’t mind at all,
You may smile warmly and answer when I call;
You may reach out a hand to help should I fall,
But God knows what you are thinking.

You may act concerned and happy to assist,
You may give me money from your loosened fist;
You may take time to sit with me for a bit,
But God knows what you are thinking.

I want to think you love me and really care,
I want to call you and know that you’ll be there;
I want to share burdens I’m trying to bare,
But God knows what I am thinking. 

O God, help us to do, not just think the deed,
By acting in love to meet another’s need;
O God, as you are, may we be so indeed,
And help us do as we’re thinking.

Written by Loyd Taylor January 12, 2009

Author's notes:

I met with a good friend last Thursday and consoled her over the tragic murder of a young son, age 24, last year. She finally had some closure. That very night she was awakened by a call and was informed that her other son, age 22, had been struck by a car and was dead. As I drove over to comfort her, not hardly knowing what to say, I was sure glad I had taken time to meet with her just the morning before.

I know we all mean well and we love the phrase; "it the thought that counts", but there are times we need to act upon those thoughts. Another old saying; "give them their flowers while their living, they can't enjoy them when their gone" comes to mind. We often wait until it's too late to do the things we often thought about doing. So this is a poem I wrote while pondering these thoughts.

I hope you enjoy, Loyd

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