This anchor shall hold in adversity,
When all else does threaten to give way;
This anchor keeps my vessel from drifting,
Never letting my ship run astray.

This anchor holds though angry seas batter,
When dangerous waves threaten to take hold;
This anchor holds in the lonely night hours,
When darkness renders my spirit less bold.

This anchor holds with vigil over me,
Scans water lest my ship drift away;
This anchor is trustworthy and faithful,
Making unanxious my passageway.

This anchor holds fast though life is fleeting,
When death's icy hands grasps for me once more;
This anchor will never let me falter,
Till my ship moors on that sacred shore.

This anchor shall hold in the Great Judgment,
When the elements melt with fervent heat;
This anchor will calm and quiet my spirit,
Shoring me on with His grace complete.

This anchor holding me is sweet Jesus.
My ship is in his arrant control;
He is my one hope... He is my comfort...
He is the sure anchor of my soul!

Written by Loyd Taylor
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