I did not know much about you
as I felt your tiny vibrations 
which later became kicks and
wiggles. I did not know about
your mannerisms or personality
or how your voice would sound. 

I did not know if the tint of 
your hair would be red, blonde,
raven black or chestnut brown.
I did not know the color of 
your eyes, whether hazel, 
emerald, amber or blue. 

But there was one thing that
I did know about you, I knew
it from your first heartbeat,
even before you entered this
world; I knew it with all my
heart mind and soul…

I knew that I loved you.

Written by Loyd Taylor, Dedicated to my granddaughter Karrterisa Leanne Taylor, 
to be born through Caesarean section on December 10, 2010.

This I Knew About You
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