You’ve watched those tiny hands,
Tireless, as they played;
You’ve cleaned dirt from their fingernails,
Removed a soiled Band-Aid.

But have you once considered,
As you watched them through the day,
Just how they might use those hands
When their youthfulness fades away?

Those tiny hands may one day erect
Tall castles in the sand;
They may help in search and rescue,
Or become a fireman’s hand.

Those tiny hands may be skilled
To hold a surgeon’s knife,
Or wrap tight around a pistol
To take an innocent life.

Those tiny hands may write poetry,
Or spin a roulette wheel,
Or clutch a bottle of whiskey;
They may rob, loot or steal.

Those tiny hands may cause others
To live a life of wicked sin,
Or point to the Way of truth,
To bring a sinner in.

So may we observe more closely,
As life unfolds its strands,
And never overlook the largeness
Found in those tiny hands.

Written by L C Taylor March 3, 2008
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