To Grandparents Place We Go!
Over the bridges and busy highways, 
To grandparents' place we go; 
GPS knows the way, 
In nighttime or day, 
Through the rain, the sleet or snow. 

Over the bridges and busy highways, 
Oh how the horns do blow; 
The noise hurts my ears, 
The smog brings me tears, 
As into road rage we go. 

Over the bridges and busy highways, 
Dodging a noisy semi; 
My tire pressure is low, 
So I must drive slow, 
Folk cuss as they pass me by. 

Over the bridges and busy highways, 
At grandparents' place we arrive; 
Our tummies do scream, 
For turkey we dream, 
So hungry we surely will die. 

Then taped to their door, oh what a surprise, 
A hand written note we did see; 
"Thank you kids for coming, 
Forgive us for running, 
But, we flew out to Waikiki. 

Happy Thanksgiving and merry Christmas, 
We love you and miss you dear; 
Please don't make an issue,
So sorry we missed you; 
Hope all have a Happy New Year." 

Back over the bridges and busy highways, 
Starving is our greatest fear; 
It's my fault after all, 
Oh, why didn't I call, 
Thank God a McDonald's is near.
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