To Our Coach

It may be on a cool spring morning, 
Or a hot summer afternoon; 
Players come from all directions, 
For skin will slap leather soon. 

You can find them hot and dirty, 
All sizes shapes and forms; 
Men, women, boys and girls, 
Dressed in sponsored uniforms. 

They are led by a devoted coach, 
Who keeps things safe and fun; 
One who gives heart and soul, 
Though a strike out, or home run. 

And whether it's Casey at the bat, 
Or, Brianna on the mound; 
It's there at the Old ball game, 
This faithful coach is found. 

So, shake their hand, buy them a Coke, 
Smile, let those pearlys gleam; 
Say, "thank you" every now and then, 
To the Coaches of our team. 

Written by Loyd C Taylor

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