Have you heard the news? A King is born!
Yes, a King, born on this winter’s morn!
But He has no crown or lavish robes,
He lies in manger, in swaddling clothes.

I long to visit this new born King,
Alas, what gift shall I to Him bring?
I have no frankincense, myrrh or gold,
I have no treasure that He may hold.

As I pondered on some gift to bring,
I know what He deserves as my King;
My cherished treasure I will impart,
On this Christmas day I give my heart.

© December 2008 by Loyd C. Taylor

Christmas is Christ’s birthday! We celebrate it, but when did we give Him a gift at Christmas? If we could approach a King or other important person, especially on their birthday, what special gift would we bring? On his first birthday, he was given valuable gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. We can not give this to Him today, but is there something we can give that is more valuable than gold? Christ only wishes one thing of us and it will cost no money. You will not need wrapping paper. He wants your heart, the best gift of all to give to a King! I trust He has your heart today! I hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas!