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What Have We Learned?

Their cries of praise, so loud they reached the sky.
They pushed and shoved to see Jesus go by,
And cried, “Hosanna, glory to the King!’
Join our happy song, lift your voice and sing."

They threw down palm leaves, covering the way,
And cleared a path for His entrance that day.
There was joyful noise, as praise filled the air,
The promise fulfilled, God answered their prayer!

But, in just a short time they changed their chant,
From joyful noise, to a mob's hate-filled rant.
They moved from “Hosanna, may He be praised’,
To “Crucify Him”, as their anger blazed!

In disbelief we question why they turned?
But should the question be, "What have we learned?"

Written by Loyd C Taylor, SR.
March 29, 2015

Author's notes:
It's amazing how people can be so fickle, they are this way this moment and then shortly they change. We see this in the crowd on Palm Sunday. But, after reading this story numerous times and shaking our heads in disgust, what can we learn about us from it? This is where the inspiration of my poem came from.