When I think of you “Dear”, on this joyous Christmas day;
Of the many ways I love you, there’s so much I could say.
When I think of you "Sweet", and the blessing that you have been,
My mind is filled with many things, so where shall I begin?

I love the way you pick me up, when I am down and weak,
I love the way you praise me and kiss kisses on my cheek;
I love the way you hold my hand and for your beauty rare,
I love the way you comfort me and show me that you care.

I love you for being faithful, for standing by my side,
I love you for your laughter and the tender tears you’ve cried;
I love you for our children and the model you have been,
I love the twinkle in your eyes and your soft silky skin.

If meadows were my canvas and all rainbow colors used,
I could never paint a portrait as beautiful as you;
If the ocean were my ink and the sky my paper be,
It still would not be enough to write what you mean to me.

Throughout this life one may be blessed with many treasures fine,
But, I’ve been enriched beyond measure, just because you’re mine.
There’s so many more things “Sweetheart,” about you I could say,
But I’ll just say "I love you, Kathy", on this Christmas day.

Written for my wife Kathy.

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