Where do our little ones go?
They gave us precious smiles,
And walked for so few miles,
Then vanished like melting snow.

For them, pining hearts break,
For them, empty arms ache...
Please tell me if you know,
Where, oh where do they go?

They say beyond moon and sun, 
Higher than the highest star,
Farther than galaxies afar,
God welcomes each little one!

So, cry! Shed lonely tears,
For the sadness you feel,
For emptiness is real...
But then, let faith banish fears.

 For they are in a better place,
Away from sorrow, harm and pain.
re they await reunion's gain,
And your sweet kisses on their face!

 They gather on Heaven's shore,
Where the Christ-child is King,
Where children happily sing,
And death separates never more.

Where Do Our Little Ones Go?
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