Why Do I Pray?

Why Do I Pray?

I often have wondered why it is
that I spend so much time in prayer.

As I pondered this thought, the question
came to my mind, "Why pray?"

So I reasoned that…

I pray when I cannot do anything else. 
I pray because I need help from Someone
Greater than me, mightier than me,
More knowledgeable than me. 
I need someone who can deal with my 
circumstances, and knowing that 
drives me to prayer.
I pray because it gives me an audience
With the Supreme Being of the universe.
I pray because it feels right, and 
Because it is the right thing to do.
I pray because at times it's all I can do.

As I pondered more, a voice seemed to say
to me, 

"Keep praying, keep believing and keep
Trusting, but remember, 
Communication is a two-way street, 
For you should also listen to what 
God is saying to you. 
Listen good so He does not have to 
Speak twice, and you may find that 
Your prayers will need to be fewer."

Written May 29, 2014

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