Snowflakes a-fallin’, in the kitchen Mom’s callin’;
“You youngens get out of that bed!
The day’s now a-wastin’, the biscuits a-bakin’
And I got lots to do ‘ere ye’re fed.

Son, help your brother straighten up those covers
You never know who’ll drop by today;
Go wash up with the others, gather round the table,
Hold hands, and now let us pray:

‘Lord, for the night’s rest we’re grateful
For those around the table and for daily meat.
Now bless what’s before us, In the name of Jesus,’
Amen. Alright, now y’all can eat.

When y‘all are through eatin’ The chickens need feedin’
And there’s firewood that needs bringin’ in.
Now go feed your dog, Give the scraps to the hogs
And bring back an arm load of kindlin’.

It’s seems just yesterday we sat at that table
Mom and Dad and the whole family;
I never knew then just how precious to me
Would those Wintertime memories be.

No, we never were rich in material things
Tough times made you want to cry by;
But we had love to spare for all of us there
And for any stranger that dropped by.

They say you can't go back to the days gone by, 
I'm sorry, but I must disagree – 
For I often do return and again live 
As in this, my Wintertime Memory.

© Loyd C. Taylor