You Promised 
With all of Your Heart

The day has finally come; beautiful music fills the air; 
The candles are lit, everyone is seated, 
A ‘waiting that special hour.

The music stops, guests are welcomed; then, 
The pastor prays; “God, bless this joyous occasion, 
In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

The minister says; “We are gathered here together, 
With the friends and family, to hear these two
Exchange their vows of love.”

They smile at each other sweetly for their day now has come; 
They then join hands tenderly, for this moment 
They have waited for o so long.

The minister says; “We meet in this holy place of love, 
And we’re thankful for the day, as we enter
Into the presence of God above.”
To the man he says; “Do you take this woman for all days? 
Do you promise to love her in all your ways? ”
“Do you promise as this ceremony starts? ”
And as you look now upon your bride, do you promise
To always keep her by your side? ” He says; 
“I promise, with all of my heart.”

To the woman he says; “Will you love him the same way, 
Do you promise to honor, trust and to obey? 
And that from him you will never part? ”
And do you vow on this special day, to be his now
And throughout all your days? ” She says; 
“I promise, with all of my heart.”

As the music plays soft and low, she whispered; “Sweetheart, 
I love you so and I’ve loved you, right from the start.”
He said; “I’ve waited so long to make you my wife, 
I’ll cherish you for all of my life, He says; 
“I promise, with all of my heart.”

The preacher said; “Now may I introduce to you, this couple
Whose love is true, today, they’ve become man and wife.”
'And to this man and wife, I wish you joy for all your life, 
Since you promised, with all of your heart.”
“You promised, with all of your heart.”

“You may kiss your bride.”

Dedicated to Micheal and Edith Ragan

© Loyd C Taylor